TMU Virtual Research Camp (TVRC) provides an intensive research mentorship through distance learning to foster research capability, innovative thinking, global awareness, and problem-solving skill sets to develop young talents. Students will have the opportunity to engage in an interactive virtual mentorship with one of the faculty-led research topics in Health Sciences. 

For more details of TVRC, please visit the website of the Office of Global Engagement: 

Mentors and Research Topics: 
  1. Applications of Biomedical Engineering for therapies of cardiovascular diseases- David-Jon Lundy, Associate Professor
  2. You are what you eat: diet and disease- Jung-Su Chang, Professor
  3. Prospectors of marine medicinal resources- Kuei-Hung Lai, Assistant Professor
  4. Drugdevelopment in blocking signal transduction in cancers- Wei-Chun HuangFu, Associate Professor
  5. Neuroeconomic estimation of mood rhythm in mice- Jihwan Myung, Associate Professor
  6. Evolving health: digital health literacy, lifestyles medicine- Tuyen Van Duong, Assistant Professor
  7. Keep calm and put your mask on: the war on viral epidemics- Liang-Tzung Lin, Professor
  8. Regenerative medicine and targeted therapy for cancer stem cells- Yao-An Shen, Assistant Professor
  9. Nutrition, metabolism, and cancer- Ching-Feng Chiu, Associate Professor
  10. Of dogs and men: two tales of viral neurotoxicity- Liang-Tzung Lin, Professor